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The sections below were created to help you decide which plan best suits your needs. If after reviewing these sections you are still unsure, take a look at our full list of plans.

Individuals & Families

For most individuals the main reason for coverage is "Safety". When traveling alone, or even with companions, what would happen if you were injured and were unable to arrange for medical assistance yourself? Would your companions know who to contact? Would they know how to arrange admittance to a local medical facility? What if you needed to be medically evacuated to the nearest suitable medical facility? Peace of Mind for travel under six months can run as little as a few dollars per day. The coverage card you carry could very well make the difference in receiving the medical care needed vs. none at all.

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Missionary Insurance Plans

Reaching out and providing spiritual and physical support is your mission. No matter the length of your international outreach, your objective is long-term. To maximize the outreach experience and provide the security needed in adverse surroundings, VIP Global Medical offers several international medical plans tailored to meet the needs of mission sending organizations, churches and missionaries.

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Scholars, Students, & Faculty

Every year, thousands of students and educational staff travel internationally. Students start new, exciting chapters in their lives, take trips for missions or other educational purposes, or even enroll in cultural exchange programs. Faculty plan several week-long, academic travel excursions each semester as part of the curriculum. Whatever the case, it’s important to be prepared for any sudden injury or illness that can occur while traveling internationally, and the costs associated with emergency medical treatment.

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Trip Cancellation, Travel Delay, Lost Baggage, and More

Did you forget to pack something? International travel can be exciting and everyone wants to have a memorable adventure, but for the right reasons. The unexpected burden of a medical accident or worse can leave you financially obligated to large, overwhelming medical bills. International travel medical policies provide benefits for accidents, sicknesses, interrupted trips, or lost luggage. Keep you and your loved ones protected from the expense and stress of unfamiliar medical systems and inadequate coverage.

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Specialty Coverage

Not every traveler’s needs fit into a standard plan. With a large selection of specialized products, you can find just the right coverage that fits your needs and backpack. From Extreme Sports coverage to Marine Crews, find the tailored plan that you need so you can enjoy your journey.

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