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Below are just some of the examples of how VIP Global Medical 's wide range of comprehensive plans can serve you while traveling outside your home country. (To view a full listing of available plans, visit our Select A Plan page.)

Stories Challenges Solutions
A church leads a short term mission trip of parishioners to Honduras to help build an elementary school. While working on building the school structure, a mission member falls off a ladder and breaks his leg. VIP Global Medical provides Group Outreach coverage for groups of 5 ore more through age 79. Medical care, hospital room and board, and emergency medical evacuation are just some of the benefits provided to handle an accident in a foreign country.
U.S. newlyweds honeymoon in Panama for a week at a local resort. A few hours after having dinner one night at a restaurant the husband starts to feel nauseous. He goes to the emergency room with food poisoning from eating undercooked shellfish. The doctors recommend intravenous fluids to treat dehydration. The short term Patriot International plan helps protect U.S. citizens when they travel outside their home country with emergency room care, ICU, and medical expense benefits.
Students from a college are studying overseas for a semester in Italy. Parents realize that their major medical coverage will not extend to their dependent children once they leave the U.S. They will be uninsured for the semester and have to pay out of pocket for any medical bills should they arise. To avoid leaving their children uninsured and exposed to hospital bills and a foreign medical system, VIP Global Medical offers them a student health plan to protect them so they can focus on their education.
A family of 3 is living overseas in China for several years. While living in China, a family of 3 knew their family would eventually grow larger. They needed coverage that could handle their current needs and their plans for the future. Global Medical insurance can grow with you. This U.S. style medical plan offers maternity coverage which can be available after 10 months of coverage as well as Wellness Check-Ups after 12 months of coverage.
A high school student on an educational trip to a remote village in South America with a tour group. The student was injured and must be flown out of a remote location to a hospital. The trip leader must continue on with the tour and your child is alone in a foreign country. The Emergency Reunion benefit on the student's short term travel policy pays for the travel and lodging of a relative or friend to reunite them with the insured during an Emergency Medical Evacuation.

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